Pretty soon, couples throughout the United States will be seeing hearts and flowers. How can you, as a nonprofit, add to the experience?

There are plenty of unique ways you can encourage romance and giving back as the holiday approaches. Well-timed Valentine’s Day nonprofit campaigns can lead to extra support for your cause throughout the coming year – whether in the form of greater awareness, volunteerism or donations.

Create a Valentine’s Experience

One really awesome Valentine’s Day nonprofit campaign floating around the web this month was the opportunity to go on a date with Idris Elba. For as little as $10, online donations got a submission for this unique experience all while benefiting W.E. Can Lead. Of course, there were also some higher amounts offered for fans who wanted to get more entries for the grand prize.

While you might not have Idris Elba signed-up to go on a date with your supporters, your nonprofit or university might be able to offer couples a special experience they can’t get somewhere else. Do you support children? Offer a class to help the kids make Valentine’s and warm hearts of volunteers while you do it. Does your college campus need some sprucing up? Ask your alumni to come visit their old stomping grounds and do a project to help out at the same time!

Volunteer projects are a great way for even new couples to connect, and any special experiences you are able to offer your supporters help them to connect further with your cause.

Share Gift Ideas

Does your nonprofit or university have a store? A special item for passionate university alum can be a fantastic gift idea – but they’ll probably need to hear from you to remember that you have a store! Similarly, if your nonprofit offers gift items this is a great time to remind supporters that they can donate to the cause and find a good gift for that special someone in their lives.

Showcasing your efforts and how these donations can help what you do throughout the coming year is also a motivator for many people, so remember when you share the gift ideas to also tell your potential donors what you are achieving.

Add a Little Humor

One last thought: it’s also never a bad idea to put some humor into the situation. Another way I’ve seen nonprofits capitalizing on Valentine’s Day this year is with “don’t hate, donate” campaigns encouraging people who have recently broken up to donate an ex’s leftover items.

Remember, the best way to make sure you’re getting the results you want is by using the right tools – if you need a hand getting your fundraising campaigns underway, AlumniFinder provides a variety of resources. Just let us know what you’re trying to do and we’ll see how we can help!

AlumniFinder Team