Leverage your supporter data to predict your most promising donors.

Optimize your next fundraising campaign by focusing only on the contacts in your database that are most likely to give. AlumniFinder’s DonorModel is a cost-effective solution for identifying your organization’s supporters that have the highest likelihood to donate to your organization.

AlumniFinder's DonorModel:

  • Convert Probable Donors: DonorModel will enable you to focus your marketing efforts and increase conversion among those most likely to give to your organization.
  • Data-Driven Strategy: DonorModel provides valuable demographic & psychographic information about your supporters that helps you better understand their behaviors.
  • Fast, Cost-Effective Solution: With a 3-week turnaround time and cost-effective price point, DonorModel will get your next fundraising campaign off the ground in no time.

How It Works

Using your existing database, AlumniFinder’s Fundraising Analytics team will produce a scored model to determine which of your current non-donors are most likely to give to your organization, and which aren’t.

By utilizing a wide range of demographic and psychographic attributes, we will predict which of your non-donors, such as lapsed members or alumni, have the highest propensity for future giving. You’ll receive a simple report that ranks your organization’s non-donors, from highest to lowest, based on their probability to give. This valuable ranking will enable you to focus efforts on only your likely donors, and thereby eliminate wasted resources.

Imagine - no more wasted postage, email, and time on supporters that will likely never give!

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