Staying engaged with your valued constituents has never been more important.

More than 40 million Americans move each year, making it a challenge to reach every supporter on your list. However, with AlumniFinder’s data hygiene services, we can help you get your next communication or appeal to the mailbox, inbox, and anywhere else you hope to send it!

Use data hygiene services to achieve better fundraising ROI by:

  • Identifying if a donor has moved away from a specific location
  • Verifying that mailing addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses match the individuals in your database
  • Applying carrier-route codes and bar codes for better postal discounts
  • Conducting address hygiene to meet USPS requirements and qualify for postal discounts (NCOA, CASS, DSF2, LACS)
  • Suppressing individuals you don’t want to receive your appeal, including prison suppression, deceased suppression, minor suppression, and more

Confused about which option is best for Address Updates? Check out our Infographic to learn the key differences: Address Appends, NCOA, or PCOA? That's the Question!

Data hygiene services help to lower costs, qualify your organization for discounts, reduce waste, and increase response.