Your organization is unique. Your donor database solution should be too.

AlumniBase will connect the dots between your disparate data sources to provide your organization a complete view of your donor and prospect activity across multiple channels.

Our fully customized database solutions enable you to fundraise smarter, not harder.

  • Profile and segment your supporters based on wealth, lifestyle attributes, and behaviors
  • Develop, execute and measure multichannel fundraising campaigns on demand
  • Master prospecting with advanced analytics and modeling
  • Enable enterprise-wide integration of donor/alumni management strategies

Donor intelligence on demand.

Stop waiting for reports to be pulled or for I.T. to provide access to your donor information. With AlumniBase, you can have instant access to your donor intelligence. On demand desktop access, custom reporting, and data visualization tools are available.

Obtain the coveted 360 degree view of your donors.

Now that you can see your donor data clearly, AlumniFinder can automatically enhance your donor records with additional intelligence. Demographic, lifestyle, and employment data can be appended automatically to give you a complete picture of your supporters.

Because our database solutions are built specifically for each client organization, they can be customized for your evolving needs.

  • Access your data via your current CRM or a custom user interface
  • Integrates with your existing technology

We specialize in custom.

If you are pleased with your current donor database solution but need additional functionality, we can assist with that too. We offer customized integrations and solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Our fundraising experts and database developers are always available to answer your questions, assist with data queries, deliver custom reports, and help you develop dynamic fundraising campaigns.

Discover the power of AlumniBase.