Known to provide the most detailed wealth and philanthropic profiles in the industry, AlumniFinder’s Wealth Screening service provides a detailed look into current and prospective donors’ wealth and philanthropic tendencies to outline both inclination and capacity to give.

This process enables your organization to identify potential major donors and upgrade your fundraising strategy.Contact us to get started with wealth screening.

What is Wealth Screening?

Wealth screening is the process by which nonprofits identify donors with the greatest inclination and capacity to give.

During the wealth screening process, we combine public record data, proprietary philanthropy databases, and data-driven algorithms with an intensive manual screening process to give you a complete picture of current and future donors’ giving capacities. The wealth-related information we evaluate includes:The types of data supplied in a wealth screening, as listed below.

  • Business affiliations
  • Stock ownership
  • Home value

Our team will then combine this data with philanthropic information, such as past giving, volunteer engagement, and charitable interests. In doing so, we can provide a more complete picture of an individual's capacity and inclination to give. Our manual verification process of the data we collect also raises the accuracy rate to 90% — setting our approach apart from others in the industry.

Why Partner with AlumniFinder?

Since 2001, AlumniFinder has proudly helped higher education and nonprofit institutions achieve their goals through data-driven solutions. Our team of fundraising professionals is eager to understand your organization’s specific needs and implement our tools to empower your fundraising efforts.

When you leverage our wealth screening service, you can unlock the following benefits:

  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your fundraising campaigns by focusing communications on the current and prospective donors who are the most likely to give.
  • Understand which individuals share your organization’s values or have donated to similar organizations in the past — a key indicator of future philanthropy.
  • Gain insight into each current and prospective donor’s capacity to give, which can be used to determine ask amounts.
  • Uncover useful background attributes (for example, business and nonprofit affiliations) that can guide engagement strategies, such as planned giving, volunteerism, and potential board appointments.

We can conduct AlumniFinder’s Wealth Screening online for individual donor results or as a batch service. To customize our solution to your needs, you can always reach out to our customer support team for assistance.

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Check Out AlumniFinder's Wealth Screening Searches

At AlumniFinder, we don’t just employ a singular wealth screening tool. AlumniFinder’s Wealth Screening encompasses four different types of wealth screening searches your nonprofit can leverage depending on your organization’s specific goals and needs. These include:AlumniFinder’s Wealth Screening services, as outlined in the text below.

Integrated Search

Our most comprehensive research tool, the Integrated Search delivers philanthropy, wealth, and detailed analytics in an easy-to-use format. Organizations can research in-depth information on any current or prospective donor, formulate ask amounts, and identify an engagement strategy.

Gift Search

With Gift Search, you can search for all of the gifts contributed by an individual, couple, foundation, or organization. At a glance, you will see the types of causes and organizations a donor supports, along with giving patterns. Additional benefits of Gift Search include access to annual reports that name donors.

Prospect Generator

One of the best places to find new prospects is on the donation list of similar organizations: Those that share your mission and geographic location, among other common factors. Prospect Generator allows you to identify donors who are loyal contributors to competing organizations.

Planned Giving Identification

Finding donors who plan to make sizable contributions to your organization through their wills or trusts is very different from identifying donors who can contribute major gifts. With Planned Giving Identification, we use sophisticated modeling and analytics to identify the donors who are most likely to support your organization with a substantial legacy gift.

Before you launch your next major fundraising effort, identify your ideal target audience with AlumniFinder’s Wealth Screening for nonprofits.


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