To connect with each of your supporters, it’s imperative that you start with clean data. AlumniFinder’s suite of tools makes this crucial step simple and hassle-free.


Free Data Quality Report

Ensuring the accuracy of your database records allows you to fundraise more efficiently and successfully – knowing that you are reaching each of your potential donors. For universities especially, alumni records can get out-of-date quickly as young professionals move around for new job opportunities. However, every organization experiences data decay at a rate of 30% each year. Get your records checked for free with this complimentary report!


AlumniFinder Batch

When you need to make updates to your database records, AlumniFinder Batch is the quickest , easiest way to get the job done. You’ll not only get key contact details updated all at once, but have your data standardized (including the identification of spelling and data input errors) as well.


AlumniFinder Online

Designed specifically for nonprofit and education fundraising, AlumniFinder Online is a powerful data tool that allows you to instantly find updated contact information or download a detailed report on a donor. Whether you are researching a potential major gift donor or finding a few phone numbers to update after the latest phone-a-thon, AlumniFinder Online makes it simple.


Data Hygiene

Delivering the right information to the right person is an important piece of every fundraising campaign. With AlumniFinder’s help, you can ensure that your direct mail pieces reach homes while emails reach inboxes. Reduce your costs and increase fundraising ROI with hygiene updates that help you reach your best supporters.