Now that we’re off into 2017, it’s important to plan for the year ahead. Finding prospects for your fundraising campaigns and identifying your best supporters are two great ways to begin, but here are some additional resources to help start off the year right:

How to Create a Strategic Fundraising Plan That You’ll Actually Stick To

A device for measuring and a walkie-talkie

Alexander Graham Bell said it best: “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” In the fundraising universe, nothing is truer. Continue >>

Fundraising Planning Worksheet

One task facing those of us with fiscal years beginning on January 1st is the preparation of our annual fundraising plan. Continue >>

6 Steps to a Fundraising Plan for New Nonprofits

A new nonprofit can be more than confused from all the advice and available tools for fundraising. Here’s how to develop your first fundraising plan. Continue >>

Do’s and Don’ts for a Great Annual Fundraising Plan

Let’s take time now for some smart planning while things are slow. I can assure you that a smart fundraising plan for the upcoming year can help you expand your fundraising potential. Continue >>

How to Plan Your Annual Fundraising Strategy

A calendar planner

How exciting is a fresh, clean slate? And, how terrifying? A new year is an obvious time to revitalize your fundraising strategy and set new goals to guide you. Continue >>

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