The knowledge you need to make smarter fundraising decisions, reduce spend, and improve campaign ROI lies within your donor data. Allow AlumniFinder to help you find it.


Use AlumniFinder’s proprietary DonorScore tool to see which of your supporters have the greatest capacity to give and the highest likelihood to make a donation. This insight will enable your development team to hone in on your best supporters and to reach ideal prospects quickly and easily.


Wealth Screening

Known to provide the most detailed wealth and philanthropic profiles in the industry, AlumniFinder’s Wealth Screening provides a detailed look into a current or prospective donor’s wealth and philanthropic tendencies to outline both inclination and capacity to give, online and on-demand.


Fundraising Analytics

Uncover critical insights hidden within your supporter data. AlumniFinder’s sophisticated modeling and analytics tools allow your organization to make smarter decisions, reduce development costs, and increase fundraising effectiveness.