Once your data is clean and standardized, AlumniFinder’s nonprofit data enhancement services provide key contact details and heightened donor intelligence, allowing you to fundraise smarter—not harder.Contact us to drive better marketing and fundraising results with nonprofit data enhancement.

What is Nonprofit Data Enhancement?

Nonprofit data enhancement is the process of using third-party sources to update or add new information to your database.

When you audit and cleanse your data, you may notice you’re missing some key supporter information. AlumniFinder’s nonprofit data enhancement services help bridge those gaps so you can reach your audience more effectively and ultimately earn more for your cause.

Why Work with AlumniFinder?

AlumniFinder has been a leader in data-driven solutions for nonprofits and higher education institutions since 2001. Whether we’re providing data quality assessments, wealth screenings, or prospect research, our team of fundraising professionals is committed to understanding your organization’s specific needs and implementing our tools to empower your fundraising efforts.

With our data enhancement solution, your nonprofit will able to:The benefits of AlumniFinder’s nonprofit data enhancement solution, as outlined in the text below.

  • Achieve your organization’s fundraising goals using a data-driven approach.
  • Gain a better understanding of your audience and how you can best reach them.
  • Expand your reach using demographic, geographic, and contact information of potential supporters.
  • Raise more for your cause by identifying matching gift opportunities.
  • Create supporter segments for better audience targeting.
  • Improve your supporters’ experience with your nonprofit by developing more specific marketing materials based on supporter data.
  • Save time your team can dedicate to more mission-driven activities.
  • Conserve resources by ensuring you’re sending marketing materials using the right contact information.

Our team at AlumniFinder is available to meet with your organization to discuss your nonprofit data enhancement needs and develop a personalized plan.

Which Data Enhancement Services Does AlumniFinder Provide?

At AlumniFinder, we offer two different nonprofit data enhancement services depending on your organization’s needs. These include:AlumniFinder’s nonprofit data enhancement services, as outlined in the text below.

Data Appends

AlumniFinder’s data appends are the solution to missing data, whether you need to identify a donor’s age, email address, or social media. Adding this information to your database will help you target and appeal to donors more effectively.

Explore Our Data Appends Solution

Matching Gift Opportunity Identification

Fundraisers know the value of matching gifts, but it can be difficult to pinpoint which donors are eligible. By using our employment data append services, you can quickly identify supporters who work for companies with matching gift programs and double your donation revenue.

Boost Your Fundraising with Employment Data

Dive into Nonprofit Data Enhancement with AlumniFinder

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