As one of the most cost-effective and fastest ways to engage with donors, email marketing proves to be the glue that binds any prosperous multi-channel fundraising campaign together. Email can propel success even further than just employing a single medium.

Communicating with current or potential donors across multiple channels simultaneously will increase the chances of engagement with your organization. For instance, a local organization I’ve patronized previously had sent me an email yesterday morning, and I was served a digital ad online about an hour later.

Was synchronicity at play? Possibly.

I believe in the synchronicities of life, but I’m sure I was being targeted on a well-designed multi-channel marketing campaign. So much so that I shared the experience with a co-worker, AND I even considered the thought of re-engaging with this organization. Just like that, they got word-of-mouth advertising for free and had me thinking of returning. I was impressed.

The stats are in, and the benefits of email marketing are too good to resist. Is there any reason to ignore a marketing strategy with the highest ROI?

It’s estimated that for every $1 spent on email marketing that $38 is returned.

Still on the fence? Email Fundraising Services from AlumniFinder are very affordable for both universities and nonprofits and can help you integrate all of your marketing efforts together to maximize ROI.

Below are 4 key capabilities that AlumniFinder’s Email Fundraising Services offer:

  1. Maximize Reach – Combine email with other channels such as direct mail, phone, and digital fundraising campaigns to get your message out to the most people. More importantly, the right people.
  2. Prospect with Greater Accuracy – Introduce your organization to prospective and soon-to-be donors by using detailed demographic and firmagraphic attributes to select new audiences.
  3. Personalized Email Append – Identify email addresses for your current donors using a specialized matching process. AlumniFinder will confirm each donor’s desire to opt-in by sending out a Welcome Message email on your behalf.
  4. Reach Your Audience Immediately and See Real-Time Results – Managed-send email services provide the fastest way to target several audiences at the same time and offer real-time tracking results. Email provides a great way to perform A/B testing of content, offers, and subject lines.

 With all of the various forms of communication that exist to engage with donors, it’s less likely that a donation will occur on the first attempt through a single channel. It’s important to keep getting in front of your donors often, using various tactics and channels to communicate with messages that resonate with each audience.

AlumniFinder Team