AlumniFinder and Deep Sync

Under the fearless leadership of industry trailblazers Pieter De Temmerman, Grant Ries, and Pat Wiley, some of the data industry’s most well-known data brands have been reorganized under a new brand, Deep Sync.

The new entity comes with a renewed focus on providing its customers with high-quality audiences that can be activated seamlessly in direct mail, email, social, display, and TV campaigns, as well as leveraged for marketing and analytical applications.

Deep Sync will retain its long-standing data brands, Compact Information Systems, HomeData, ASL Marketing, and others under a newly formed Owned and Operated Data business unit, which will continue to provide marketers and agencies with access to high-quality, privacy-safe audiences for offline and online uses.

Additionally, AccuData and AlumniFinder join Deep Sync as standalone brands in its Data Brokerage business unit and will continue to provide expertise in delivering data into direct mail, analytics, email, and social channels; as well as a full suite of data hygiene, data append, modeling, and enhancement services.

Finally, DeepSync Labs, which was acquired by the owners in August of 2022, now heads Deep Sync’s new Digital and Cloud business unit, which will enable Deep Sync’s owned and operated data to be used in hundreds of digital and cloud-based platforms in addition to direct mail and email applications.

Rest assured, we will continue to operate as the partner you know and trust, with our data experts on hand to serve you with an even “deeper” product suite than before.

Stay tuned for more exciting details!

Kelly Parrett

Kelly Parrett

As an English Literature major turned marketer, Kelly is passionate about thoughtful and impactful storytelling. With a background in B2B marketing, SEO, and journalism, Kelly enjoys applying her written and editorial skills to her role at AlumniFinder.