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TeammateFinder: Lisa

AlumniFinder’s success starts with our talented team! Each month, we highlight someone from our company to show you the people behind AlumniFinder.

In our latest TeammateFinder, we speak to Lisa Hassad-Chin.

Lisa has been with AlumnniFinder and its parent company, AccuData, since 2020. As an integral part of the accounting team, Lisa is responsible for monthly account reconciliations and reports, payroll, and assisting in annual budget preparation.

While working in the accounting department can be demanding, Lisa says that her team is incredibly supportive in helping her to reach her professional goals while balancing her busy workload with her home life and young family.

Lisa and her family’s favorite thing to do is take weekend getaways to Disney in Orlando. When they’re not busy on adventures, you can find them curled up on the couch watching their favorite movies.

Wealth screening can help nonprofits fundraise more effectively and efficiently.

Wealth Screening for Nonprofits: The Complete Guide

Here’s a common scenario: A nonprofit university is planning a capital campaign to build a new Center for the Humanities. Knowing that most effective capital campaigns rely on large initial gifts, the university wants to raise approximately 50% to 70% of its campaign goal during the campaign’s “quiet phase” before moving to a broader public one.

However, the fundraisers are in a bind. Reaching out to everyone in their database would effectively push the campaign public before raising the necessary base funds. On the other hand, they don’t have the time or resources to manually go through each alumni profile in their database. Moreover, they may not even know who their wealthiest donors are.

Luckily, this is the situation for which nonprofit wealth screening was born. With more than ten years of wealth screening experience, AlumniFinder has seen the robust impact wealth screening and data-driven intelligence can have on nonprofit fundraising. This guide will explore the fundamentals of wealth screening for nonprofits. We’ll look at:

What Is Wealth Screening?
How Does Wealth Screening Help Nonprofits?
What Data Should Wealth Screening Include?

Wealth Screening
 ...  read more

Nonprofit data appends can help your nonprofit better focus its fundraising efforts.

Nonprofit Data Appends: A Comprehensive Guide

Although they may not think about it, nonprofits interact with data on a daily basis. From the number of weekly volunteers to donor email addresses to communication preferences, it’s absolutely essential for nonprofits to work with clean, complete data points in order to raise money, market programs, and achieve their missions.

But what do you do when your organization’s data is limited or incomplete? While you can certainly collect data by sending out surveys and forms to the contacts in your database, this process is often slow and ineffective in gathering the data most valuable to your nonprofit.

That’s where third-party data appends, buying data points to supplement your nonprofit’s existing records, can come in. With data appends, the sky’s the limit. This guide breaks down the various elements of the data append process for you to be able to append your nonprofit’s data with confidence and ease. We’ll look at:

As you read through this guide, consider the data you already have in your database. Ask yourself: What data points do we use the most often? Do these data attributes contain any errors, inaccuracies, or duplicates? What information would make our jobs easier and our outreach more effective? Your data appends will be more impactful when your existing data is clean, accurate, organized, and up-to-date.

Nonprofit Data Appends FAQ

Data appends represent a big unknown for many in the nonprofit sector. You probably have a sense that your nonprofit’s data is essential, but anything beyond a tertiary look can also be scary and overwhelming. In this section, we’ll answer all your burning questions about data appends and the data append process. Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room: Why should nonprofits care about data?

Why is data important for nonprofits?

For nonprofits big and small, data is critical in making smart fundraising and programmatic decisions. 

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