Jeanette Rumsey

Product Marketing Manager

We are a team of mission-driven individuals dedicated to improving fundraising success for each of our clients. We take pride in knowing that our daily efforts power the country’s most important causes: battling poverty, supporting the arts, promoting higher education, and ensuring quality healthcare. We succeed by celebrating our team’s individual passions in and out of work.


Jeanette has been with AlumniFinder and its parent company, AccuData, since 2005. She brings an extensive background in direct marketing with expertise in graphic design, content creation, and technical writing. In addition, Jeanette manages two exclusive online data platforms, AccuLeads and AlumniFinder Online, for the company. She majored in English Literature at Florida Gulf Coast University. Outside of AccuData, Jeanette serves as a Regional Leader for Lasagna Love, a volunteer-led nonprofit organization providing home cooked meals to families experiencing food and/or financial insecurity.