Donor acquisition is typically in a constant state of flux. It’s no secret that new donor acquisition is critical to the sustainability of any non-profit organization, but let’s not ignore the other key area for growth…donor retention.

Studies show that once someone has made a donation, the likelihood of them donating again becomes greater. Wouldn’t that mean that retaining donors is equally important as finding new ones?

Here are 5 ways you can show love to your current donors:

1. Tell your story. Tell it again…and again

Fundraising efforts are never completely done, so it’s important to keep your donors engaged. Sure, many organizations send monthly newsletters, but sharing stories, pictures and updates through social media channels is also crucial because you can show progress in real time. Social media allows you to post informative articles and emotionally charged stories that can encourage feedback and promotes sharing of your message. 

2. Facebook Custom Audience Profiles

Facebook advertising not only increases brand awareness but also has the ability to capture real-time leads. AccuData Integrated Marketing’s proprietary matching methodology will allow you to reach both current and prospective donors. We can match your existing customer list to their Facebook profiles and deliver ads directly to their desktop or mobile news feed. This strategy allows you to tap into more than 1.5 billion prospects.

3. Instagram Advertising

Did you know that over 400 million users have Instagram accounts? Add that to the 1.5 billion people on Facebook and you have yourself a juggernaut of social reach. Facebook’s ownership of Instagram allows AccuData to integrate Instagram placement seamlessly with a highly targeted Facebook campaign. We can reach your audience on these two prominent social channels. Even if you don’t have an Instagram account, we can use your Facebook profile for Instagram placement.

4. IP Targeting

You can directly target donors, who have previously made donations, by matching their IP address to their physical address. Direct IP targeting will display banner ads to a specific household or business, in a given location, based on their IP address. Think “direct mail” but delivered digitally. This type of audience targeting can actually achieve 100% reach and zero budge waste.

Use AccuData to leverage the largest opt-in advertising network of 800 million IP addresses matched to more than 200 million postal locations.

5. Call them!

It may be easy to throw away a direct mail piece or delete an email, but it would be more difficult for someone to hang up on you when you’re talking to someone who is already invested in your cause. Consider the importance of maintaining accurate telephone numbers on your donor database. AccuData’s phone append service can deliver a 35 to 65% match rate for most consumer files by using name and address criteria already in your database.

Not sure how to get started? Contact us today and we’ll help you enhance your current campaigns or create a multi-channel approach that will cultivate your donors to continue supporting your cause!

AlumniFinder Team