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Increase fundraising results by efficiently staying in touch with donors, identifying new supporters and keeping your records up to date.

Since 2001, AlumniFinder, a leading locate and research solution provider, has helped both higher education and nonprofit institutions quickly achieve their development goals by implementing a full range of data resources, powerful analytics, and advanced donor database technologies. Our dedicated team of knowledgeable fundraising experts is committed to understanding your needs and helping guide you through the entire fundraising process, from identifying giving potential to managing data enhancement and hygiene.

Our fundraising solutions can help you efficiently maintain the accuracy and completeness of your donor and alumni records, locate lost donors, and use analytics to identify supporters with the greatest ability and likelihood to donate. By performing updates to your database on a regular basis, we can also help ensure that your fundraising message gets to the right person.

If you need to acquire additional donor lists, we can provide impartial recommendations regarding the nation’s leading data compilers. Or, if you want to better understand what is currently working on your fundraising process and how to better solicit in the future, we can conduct an analysis for you. But no matter what your needs are, our knowledgeable team of development experts can help guide you through the process the entire fundraising process.


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