Gabrielle Perham, MBA

Director of Marketing & Sales Operations

We are a team of mission-driven individuals dedicated to improving fundraising success for each of our clients. We take pride in knowing that our daily efforts power the country’s most important causes: battling poverty, supporting the arts, promoting higher education, and ensuring quality healthcare. We succeed by celebrating our team’s individual passions in and out of work.


Gabrielle is the Director of Marketing for AlumniFinder and AccuData, AlumniFinder’s parent company. She joined the organization in 2017 and brings nearly 18 years of experience in strategic marketing, branding, communications, nonprofit development, and digital marketing. She earned a B.S. in Marketing and an M.B.A in Marketing Management from the University of Tampa. Gaby is a member of Charity:Water’s Spring, which works to provide access to clean water to the 1 in 10 people worldwide living without it.