Uncover hidden donor intelligence with AlumniFinder’s suite of analytics and modeling tools.

From demographic profiles to custom predictive models, AlumniFinder offers distinct solutions based upon your specific development or fundraising needs. Each offering is fully supported by the AlumniFinder Data Science team, who will help you interpret the results and apply the intelligence to your campaign initiatives.

Rely on AlumniFinder to:

  • Obtain a clearer picture of your current supporters
  • Determine your donors’ and prospects’ propensities to give
  • Find prospective donors that look like your most frequent, high-value supporters
  • Target ask amounts to the appropriate audiences
  • Make effective use of development budgets

Descriptive Profiles

Find new donors who resemble your best donors. Descriptive Profiles statistically analyze your best donors against our comprehensive database to create customized profile reports. Once you understand more about your current supporters, our team can assist you in finding new prospective donors who share similar qualities.

Predictive Response Models

The Predictive Response Model compares two groups of data, such as donors and non-donors or members and non-members, and builds a statistical algorithm that can be used to find more prospects that are likely to take action.

Predictive Analytics

AlumniFinder’s Predictive Analytics is a modeling solution that leverages past giving to your organization as well as external data to indicate the likelihood of a gift. This segmentation tool quickly identifies your best donors for annual giving and major giving solicitation. Once you have a clear picture of your donors, you can better focus your efforts on obtaining these gifts.

In addition, AlumniFinder’s data science team is always on hand to develop a custom model exclusively for your organization based on your unique needs.

Learn how to extract the knowledge hidden within your donor data.