Your ideal supporters are waiting to be found. They have the money to give and a passion for your cause.

With AlumniFinder's DonorScore, you can effectively target supporters with the highest capacity and likelihood to give. DonorScore provides a rank that reveals exactly which of your potential donors your development office should be targeting, based on their wealth and philanthropic behavior.

Why DonorScore from AlumniFinder?

  1. Our proprietary tool is based on proven philanthropy and wealth analytics
  2. Our data is accurate and up to date from industry-leading sources
  3. Pay only for the services you need with no hidden expenses, long-term contracts or software

With insight garnered from DonorScore, you’ll have the intelligence you need to identify and attract prospective major gift donors, annual fund donors and planned gift donors.

DonorScore includes the following:

  • DonorScore
  • DS Rating
  • WealthScore
  • Income
  • Real Estate Estimate
  • Number of Gifts
  • Capacity to Give
  • Net Worth
  • Presence of Children
  • Number of Properties
  • Donates to Charitable Causes

Advance your development and fundraising efforts with DonorScore.