Email Fundraising Services

Email-based fundraising continues to grow as an effective approach for development professionals to improve campaign results by communicating with existing donors and reaching out to new contributors. With AlumniFinder as your email fundraising partner, you’ll realize new efficiencies as you build loyalty and find new donors – while staying in full compliance with the latest email regulations.

Clean, Current Email List Sources for Better Performance

Of course, just like any fundraising tool, email is only as good as the addresses upon which a campaign is built. AlumniFinder Email Fundraising Services can provide you with fast access to more records, including a universe of 150 million email prospects and 200 million email addresses that can help you update and fill any gaps in your donor or alumni database. You can also update your donor records with data from any one of more than 250 fields of information, such as:

  • Geographic Areas
  • Demographics
  • Lifestyles and Interests
  • Behavioral Data
  • Transactional Data
  • B2B Data
Email Marketing Specifications

Email Prospecting

Email Prospecting uses detailed demographic, ‘firmagraphic’ and lifestyle options as an efficient, cost-effective way to reach donors. The effectiveness of messages delivered directly to intended recipients is measured through detailed tracking reports.

Email Append with Welcome Message Deployment

Email Append with Welcome Message Deployment is a matching process that identifies a donor’s email address, sends an opt-in, permission-based message and then adds the appropriate email address to the original donor record. This process helps solidify donor relationships, enabling organizations to have a lower cost approach to communicate with their contributors.

Email Verification and ECOA Processing

Email Verification and ECOA Processing (Email Change of Address) can track donors who open and close email accounts from various ISP’s, update your records with new email addresses, provide permission confirmation messages, and return files updated with the recorded changes and opt outs. Match rates vary from 12 to 20 percent.

Email Match and Deploy

Email Match and Deploy can be used with donor prospect files or to those records where a relationship cannot be clearly established. This alternative to typical email append services does not provide the donor the matched email addresses. Email messages are deployed under the same parameters as a standard email campaign rental and deployment program.

Reverse Email Append

Reverse Email Append can be applied to add postal addresses and contact names when a donor record contains only email addresses. The match rate on records is generally around 40 percent. Demographic appends are available for an additional fee.

Email Deployment

Email Deployment can be used with donor email files to deliver the campaign message through white-listed servers for better deliverability. With complete reporting throughout the campaign lifecycle, we provide unlimited options for campaign testing and execution. And, our proven technology and strong relationships with key vendors ensure that your email program runs smoothly.

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Batch Append Services

When time is of the essence, AlumniFinder’s Batch Append Services promote efficiency through a one-step automated data append that can update entire files in one simple pass.


Find Lost Alumni

Cost-effectively research and update your alumni and donor records with AlumniFinder Search, the nation’s most powerful online database of consumer information and activity.


Modeling & Analytics

DonorView’s predictive models utilize the intelligence within your donor file to determine the appropriate ask amounts for your next fundraising campaign.


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