Delivering the right information to the right person is the first step to finding new and keeping current donors. But, with over 40 million Americans changing their addresses annually, maintaining a high-quality mailing list isn’t easy. That’s why AlumniFinderTM recommends performing a United States Postal Service (USPS)® certified NCOALink® (National Change of Address) process on a regular basis. This solution makes electronic change-of-address information available to mailers in order to help reduce undeliverable mail even before it enters the mail-stream.

But while running your files through NCOALink processing is a start, it often isn’t enough. The addresses you work with first need to be standardized to obtain the highest possible match rate. Additionally, a variety of supplementary services can help you improve your campaign results and reduce costs.

The experts at AlumniFinder understand that standardized and corrected addresses are the best option when it comes to consolidating donor history. With certified tools that help increase campaign ROI and qualify you for postal discounts of up to 20 percent, AlumniFinder’s Data and List Hygiene solutions will help you ensure that your message reaches the right person every time. Plus, AlumniFinder will work with you to create the right hygiene program for your development situation and customize our tools to your specific marketing needs.

We can help:

  • Ensure that your mailing addresses are accurate to maximize deliverability per USPS standards and improve campaign efficiency
  • Verify that the physical addresses, phone numbers and email addresses are consistent with the individuals targeted by your marketing campaigns
  • Conduct regularly-scheduled address hygiene to meet USPS requirements and qualify for postal discounts
  • Ensure that your records are carrier-route coded and have bar codes to qualify for deeper discounts
  • Reduce postage costs and increase campaign response rates through better targeting
Additional Data & List Hygiene Specifications

NCOA Link®

NCOA provides mailers with new addresses for people that have moved in the last 48 months. This service is provided by a licensee of the USPS. NCOA provides CASS certified output, Zip+4, Zip Correction and Carrier Route Coding. NCOA meets Move Update requirements and may prevent mailers from accruing additional mailing costs.


The CASS process features address standardization to ensure that the addresses on your mailing list meet USPS requirements. The process includes ZIP Correction, ZIP + 4 Appending, Carrier Route Coding, Delivery Point Coding, and Error Message Coding. The USPS ZIP + 4 directory is updated on a monthly basis to provide the most accurate data available.

LACS Link® System

LACS enables mailers to update their lists when addresses have been converted by local authorities or in cases where streets have been renamed or renumbered. LACS improves deliverability and enables mailers to identify potential duplicates between name and address records that have the original address and those that are already using the new converted address.

Delivery Sequence File Second Generation® (DSF2)®

DSF (Delivery Sequence File, Second Generation) improves the delivery of mailings by validating and standardizing the incoming addresses utilizing USPS data which allows validation of individual delivery points. DSF2 processing is based on a USPS- approved matching process. Addresses are identified as business versus residential delivery points and pseudo Delivery Sequence Numbers for walk sequence postal discounts are provided. DSF2 processing attempts to correct, standardize, and verify that the addresses on a mailing list are deliverable. It also provides a Deliverability Index Report to help mailers decide whether to mail to a specific address.

Deceased Processing

Deceased processing enables mailers to identify and eliminate deceased individuals from their mailings prior to a promotion. This prevents unwanted mail from being sent to members of the deceased’s household. Our file contains the names of over 40 million deceased individuals. When compared against other files, it typically helps to identify from one to three percent of the individuals in a file as being deceased.

Prison Suppression

Our prison file is compiled from records obtained from correctional departments, probation and parole authorities. In a single process, we are able to suppress addresses of all U.S. federal prisons, state prisons, county correctional facilities and city jails.

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Batch Append Services

When time is of the essence, AlumniFinder’s Batch Append Services promote efficiency through a one-step automated data append that can update entire files in one simple pass.


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Cost-effectively research and update your alumni and donor records with AlumniFinder Search, the nation’s most powerful online database of consumer information and activity.


Modeling & Analytics

DonorView’s predictive models utilize the intelligence within your donor file to determine the appropriate ask amounts for your next fundraising campaign.


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