Marketing Verification

With over 40 million Americans changing their addresses each year, it may seem impossible to keep your fundraising mailing lists current. Even with the help of NCOA (National Change of Address), you can still miss more than 20 percent of the individuals that move annually – particularly since the service only certifies an address, not who is getting a piece of mail.

AlumniFinder Marketing Verification service enables you to:

  • Identify whether or not a donor has moved from a specific location
  • Find donors once they are considered “lost”
  • Gain direct, online access to LexisNexis®, the premier provider of data in the nation

We do this through the following process:

  • You send us your database of the people you suspect may have moved or have stopped donating
  • Our multisource database checks to see if a donor still lives at the address listed in your records
  • Once donors with incorrect addresses have been identified, you can take advantage of our batch service to provide you with the correct addresses.
  • Our partnership with LexisNexis, the premier provider of data in the country, ensures the highest degree of reliability

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Batch Append Services

When time is of the essence, AlumniFinder’s Batch Append Services promote efficiency through a one-step automated data append that can update entire files in one simple pass.


Find Lost Alumni

Cost-effectively research and update your alumni and donor records with LexisNexis® Accurint, the nation’s most powerful online database of consumer information and activity.


Modeling & Analytics

DonorView’s predictive models utilize the intelligence within your donor file to determine the appropriate ask amounts for your next fundraising campaign.


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Download Case Study
Download Case Study