Data Enhancement

Data Append Service

Increase fundraising results by reaching the right people with the right message, and maintaining up-to-date donor records.

Deceased Append Service

To ensure that the names of deceased individuals are removed from direct marketing lists prior to a new mailing campaign, marketers can use the Date of Deceased Append Service.

Email Append Service

To help strengthen new donor relationships and support a cost-efficient communication strategy, AlumniFinder offers organizations an Email Append Service.

Cell Phone Append Service

In today’s market, where land line usage is steadily decreasing, marketers are searching for ways to add mobile phone numbers to their donor databases.

Phone Append Service

Clearly, maintaining accurate land line telephone numbers is also essential to staying in contact with your donors, even if you don’t actively telemarket.

DOB Append Service

Our Date of Birth (DOB) Append Service enables you to update your database with valuable age information.

Demographic Append Service

Without key demographic, psychographics and lifestyle information about your donors, it is difficult to develop targeted marketing strategies to effectively reach them.

Employment Append

Add another dimension of intelligence to your alumni or donor database through the addition of employment details that include the company name, job title, and matching gifts programs.

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Batch Append Services

When time is of the essence, AlumniFinder’s Batch Append Services promote efficiency through a one-step automated data append that can update entire files in one simple pass.


Find Lost Alumni

Cost-effectively research and update your alumni and donor records with AlumniFinder Search, the nation’s most powerful online database of consumer information and activity.


Modeling & Analytics

DonorView’s predictive models utilize the intelligence within your donor file to determine the appropriate ask amounts for your next fundraising campaign.


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