It is both exciting and daunting. Being part of an organization that is working to find the next big cure or help children with their medical needs is what makes each day at the office worthwhile. But, before your organization can achieve its important healthcare mission, it first needs to successfully reach its fundraising goals.

To do this, hospitals and other non-profit organizations have the task of finding and reaching individuals that have the highest propensity to give. And while you may have a good idea about the demographics of your current donors, it is essential to identify an efficient way to find more like them.

AlumniFinder’s Healthcare Experts Help You Efficiently Raise Funds

Working with leading hospitals and other healthcare non-profits such as The Cleveland Clinic and The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, AlumniFinderTM has a successful track record of helping organizations achieve their fundraising goals. Since 2001, AlumniFinder has been a market leader in helping healthcare organizations keep current donors connected, attract new contributors, clean and enhance donor databases, and reach individuals with the highest capacity and propensity to give.

If you’re wondering how to improve the performance of your future fundraising campaigns, our knowledgeable team of healthcare experts can even analyze your current and past programs and provide you with recommendations. Our goal is to provide the help you need with your fundraising efforts so that you can focus on making a difference in the lives of the patients you serve.

Case Study:

Large non-profit healthcare organization boosts response rates by increasing prospect universe.

Increased competition and rapidly fatiguing lists, a large non-profit healthcare organization was seeing a drop in response rates from its marketing programs. The carrier was trying to expand its focus on the ever growing mature-market and increase its prospect universe for their enrollment campaigns. But, given the competitiveness of the “Age In” segment, donations were decreasing. In an effort to address this issue, the insurance company had already gone back to their data provider, a national organization. However, this didn’t provide any increase in the number of prospects from the previous year. This common problem occurs when nonprofits align themselves with one data compiler, thereby limiting their access to the whole population. Searching for help, the client implemented one of AlumniFinder’s proprietary data technologies, SourcePLUS®. SourcePLUS gave the company access to the industry’s largest multi-sourced consumer data solution available today. This is because SourcePLUS draws the most data available from multiple top compiled sources and offers a broad range of demographic and geographic selection capabilities. Beyond providing new, fresh names for The Client’s acquisition campaign, the team expected an increase to the overall response rate percentage, since new names respond at a higher rate.


By working with SourcePLUS, The Client was able to pull new and unique data from multiple data sets, significantly expanding its universe of prospects by 20%. By pinpointing the precise time when they should contact customers to maximize results, the insurance company significantly increased its response rates by, reduced customer acquisition costs and secured a large, steady stream of new, qualified donors.

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Batch Append Services

When time is of the essence, AlumniFinder’s Batch Append Services promote efficiency through a one-step automated data append that can update entire files in one simple pass.


Find Lost Alumni

Cost-effectively research and update your alumni and donor records with LexisNexis® Accurint, the nation’s most powerful online database of consumer information and activity.


Modeling & Analytics

DonorView’s predictive models utilize the intelligence within your donor file to determine the appropriate ask amounts for your next fundraising campaign.


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Download Case Study
Download Case Study